May 21, 2012

LSx (LM7) Low Mount Alternator DIY

Parts needed. Note this will delete your power steering pump and a/c and add more HP. Plus it will remove that nasty looking truck alternator bracket.

  1. Fbody Alternator Part #12563327. $20+shipping.
  2. Ribbed Pulley - Gates Part #38008 = $20 O Reilly
  3. Gates Belt – K060547 – $20 O Reilly
  4. 2 Long Bolts for alternator bracket (M10 x 1.5 140MM long). I ordered mine from Grainger for $10 and received 5 of them.
  5. 1 Shorter M10x1.5 about 50mm for ribbed pulley
  6. A 1/4 – 3/8 washer. You might have to drill out the center. Depending on what you get. This acts as a spacer on the back side of the ribbed pulley.
  7. 10mm x 1.5 Tap
  8. 11/32 drill bit
  9. 3/4 in spacer to space the alternator off the block to line up with the water pump and crank pulley. You will also need some type of straight edge to make sure you get it right.

Look at this HIDEOUS truck mount for the alternator. Talk about the MILE high club.


Tap your block here. I screwed in the lower bolt to the fbody alternator bracket and used a pencil to mark dead center on where the new hole needs to be threaded.

photo 2

Then I drilled the hole a little over an inch deep with a 11/32 drill bit.

photo 4

Now we need to tap it. Use some tapping oil or watch a YouTube video if your not sure how to do this. Make sure you drill it straight and tap it straight otherwise your screwed and you really only have one shot at this.

photo 5

Tapping the threads is the scary part. Error on using lots of oil and pulling out (lolz) and cleaning it after each turn.

I ended up cutting my 3/4 in spacers using the ones on the original truck bracket. One was exactly 3/4 the other I had to grind down a bit.

photo 1

Use your 1/4 – 3/8 spacer on the back side of your ribbed pulley. This should be enough to line it up with your crank pulley. Check with flat edge. Make sure to go from the first rib on the pulley and not the front. When lining it up.

Here is the end result.

photo 8

It looks 1000X better.

photo 7

I hope this helps you out. Any feedback is appreciated.

Jan 22, 2012

Megasquirt 3 Wiring Help LM7 / LS1 / LS

Well its been a while since I posted last. I’m going to make it a priority to post more frequently now that things are speeding back up on the project. I’ve been making steady progress but just had things slow down a lot when it came to getting the motor running on the Megasquirt 3 and assembling the Megasquirt 3.

Here are some links that should help you wire up a LM7 (LS 5.3L) or LS series motor to a MS3 with MS3X (Megasquirt 3 with Expansion for sequential fuel injection).

Step 1) Decide which manual is correct for your engine (24x reluctor engine or 58x reluctor engine)

Misc Info on LS engines very helpful site

Step 2) Run all the correct wires to your engine. If you buy the DIYAutoTune harness it comes with the wires pre labeled def worth the ~$160 bucks.

Step 3) When it comes to wiring up your ignition if you want to use the parent (7 or 8pin I forget plug) for cleanness it connects to all 4 ignition coils. There are one of these parent plugs (on top of the valve cover) on each side of the motor and each one runs to 4 ignition coils.  Look at this diagram for help in wiring those up.

I cant remember of the top of the head which ones I had to use.

Even Ignition Coil Diagram:


Odd Ignition Coil Diagram


That should get you going in the right direction. Here is a pic of my motor fully wired up on the stand. It’s got a fuel pump and is pretty much ready to start.


My next post will talk about how I built a little Arduino (microcontroller) that controls relays over bluetooth. This will allow me to remove start the engine and control relays from a bluetooth device like a phone or tablet. Thanks!

Nov 25, 2011

Megasquirt 3 Assembly for LS1 / LM7 / LSX

So last month I assembled my Megasquirt 3 with the expansion board that will allow me to run sequential fuel injection.
Sequential fuel injecting basically means that I can control the 8 fuel injectors individually. I ordered my MS3 unit from I decided to go with the unassembled version which saved me about $200 bucks. Looking back it took me about 20-25 hours to assemble they claim it should only take ~12 hours but for a n00b like myself I would say give your self at least 20 hours. Just to make sure you are thorough. This is something you wanna get right the first time and not have to go back and resolder different parts of the board.

Below are links to the instructions I used when assembling my Megasquirt for an LSx.

Step by step assembly instructions for MS3:

Step by step instructions for more general v3.0 main board assembly (I used this as a supplement for the main guide)

Getting the work area ready to role.

Soldering in all the resistors / diodes / capacitors

Plugged in the JimStim to test different point on the board to make sure its reading +5 volts on different parts of the board (see the assembly instructions for exact points). The JimStim basically simulates a running engine plugged into the MS3. This allows you to simulate an engine running log real time data from the Megasquirt without having it wired up to real motor.

Installing the MS3X (MS 3 expansion board)

Now installed on the top level above the v3 main board you see the MS3 daughter card (contains the sd card slot) and the ribbon cable connecting the daughter card to the ms3x (expansion) board that can drive up to 8 separate fuel injectors.

Setup the case and got everything wrapped up check it out! Flashed it with the latest C code and got it to sync with my laptop over USB and run the digital gauges.

Stay tuned the next post I will go into all the customizations that must be made to the MS3 to get it to fire and run a LSx (LS1, LM7)  type motors.

Oct 11, 2011

Megasquirt 3 Full Standalone

Just received my Megasquirt 3 full standalone kit. This will allow me to trash the stock computer on the 06 LS 5.3 engine and run a fully customizable ecu. With this ECU I will be able to run digital gauges and the tuning possibilities are endless!

Checkout this video of a MegaTunix (digital gauges software) connecting to a Megasquirt Engine ECU to power the gauges.


Pretty amazing

Here is a picture of my unassembled Megasquirt 3 with the expansion card for sequential fuel injection!


Current status of the build:


Sep 8, 2011

5.3L LSX On Engine Stand

A while back I bought my engine off of Craigslist for around $650 bucks which was a steal. It came out of an 06 Chevy cargo van and has 80k miles on it. It came with full wiring harness including the ECU and tranny controller. I recently got it mounted on my buddies engine stand he built.  That way we can fire it up before it goes in my car.

Still waiting on a few missing parts Mass Air Flow Sensor and a Starter before I fire it up. I will be sure to post a video of it running on the engine stand when I get it running.

Getting it from the short engine stand to the running engine stand.


In transit to the new engine stand …


Sitting on the stand just need to get the wiring harness all plugged in.


Wired it all up talk about a puzzle and also installed some new spark plugs NGK G Power pre gapped iridium's.




Looking pretty wild. I also just painted my TH350 and in the middle of rebuilding my kingpins for the front axle I will talk about painting my TH350 and my kingpin rebuild process in my next post!

Aug 24, 2011

Moved The Project To My Garage

Well moved the project over to my garage it had been sitting in Wesley’s garage since January that’s like what 7 months. So far picked up a few tools I will need and borrowed a good air compressor from Wesley. Here are some pics of the car on the trailer when we were moving it over to my house.


Looks pretty wild when you see it on the trailer.


Getting ready to role on over to my crib …


So far my blog hasn’t been getting much traffic maybe like 3-10 hits a day hahaha.

O well I’ll keep updating it for my own sake. Smile with tongue out

Aug 23, 2011

Wheel Spacers & Axle Painted

Ended up getting some Wheel Adapters 5 Lug 5in To 5 Lug 5.5in spacers 1.25". The 1.25 in spacing was the least I could find. Got them for $59.99 with free shipping from the seller gr8tseller888 on eBay.
This will allow me to bolt up the Dodge 20in Rims to the Ford Axle since they have different bolt patterns.
Used a 9in Ford 3rd member seal. Told O’Reilly to get me one off of a 78 Ford Galaxie.
Sprayed the self etching primer that way I can get a good bond.
Top coated with a semi-gloss black out of a paint can.