Feb 21, 2011

1930 Ford Sedan Project

Well a few months ago I started looking around for my next possible project car. It had been a while since I messed with cars since for the last 3-5 years I've been busy working 30+ hours a week and going to school full time getting my engineering degree.

In the past I'd always messed with import stuff. My first project was back in high school had a 1989 Supra that I got for $600 bucks and ended up swapping a 1jz twin turbo motor into it and ran a 13.9 which isn't terrible for a stock automatic with a 2.5L.

I wanted more power than that this time around and wanted to do something domestic. I've tried to help out a buddy of mine Wesley any chance I had with his car cause I've always liked messing with cars and he's the one that got me into the American stuff.

Anyways .. We started looking around back in December and found this guy in Russel Springs, KY that was selling brand new custom built old style truck and sedan bodies on eBay. Here's his site his name is He
ath http://www.newmetalkustoms.com/. So I skipped all the ebay bull $hit and bought from him directly.

Within 2 weeks my body was done and ready to be picked up. I live in Columbia, Missouri and left on a Saturday morning around 2am and got in Russel Springs around 12pm. It was a hell of a drive to take by yourself but was well worth it.

Here are some pictures from when I got to the New Metal Kustoms Shop:

We put a mock up engine in it and tires against it to get an idea of what it "could" look like here are the pics.

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