Feb 23, 2011

Time to Prime!

Well when I trailered the sedan body back from New Metal Kustoms in KY I had it on an open trailer. That was a MISTAKE haha

Stayed the night at my uncles house up in Indianapolis and it snowed so the bare metal got wet since it was sitting on an open trailer.

Had some surface rust you can see here after about 4 weeks this is normal: There’s Wesley he’s pretty much the master builder and I’m his padawan learner haha.


So we had to get her all sanded down and ready for primer and let me tell you it felt like a never ending job. In hindsight I would definitely try to trailer it in an enclosed environment that way when you get home you can spray it first thing.

Anyways we got some black epoxy primer its really good stuff that my buddy has used on his 34 coupe and I was overall pretty impressed with it. Notice the 44oz of diet coke in the right corner that’s a critical component of the whole priming process ;P


We used half of a two car garage and hooked up a big exhaust fan blowing out a window and cracked the garage door about 2inches to help keep the overspray / fumes under control. Here are the rest of the pics.


Wes doing his thing! I painted a few sections of the car. My job was mix the primer and fill up the paint gun while he was spraying.


Looks a lot different with paint on it!




Last but not least here’s a pic of me and the primed sedan.



  1. Great looking! IM thinking of buying the same body and frame from New Metal Kustoms. I just wanted to ask if you wrere still happy with yours. Thanks, Jim Barnhill Trussville, AL

  2. Yep I've quite happy with it. For the price you really cant beat it.