Mar 4, 2011

Got My Motor

Found myself an engine for the car 2 weeks ago on craigslist. It was a LS v8 5.3L (LM7 to be exact) out of a 2006 Chevy 1 Ton Van. Its supposedly got 78k miles on it and from the looks of it I believe this is the truth.

Drove over to St.Charles on Monday with my boy Todd Jacks picked it up and then headed strait back to Columbia.

These motors are putting down pretty good numbers when you throw some boost on them. 500-700HP no problem on 8-12PSI with just more fuel and a standalone / modified ecu / cam.

Here are some pictures still got to get her all cleaned up.

Had to strap the motor down pretty good for the 100 miles drive home. Not gonna lie I was pretty nervous that it was just going to roll out going down the highway.


On the engine stand.


Also got the guy to throw in a steering column and gauge cluster out of the 06 van figured I could use them at some point or someone I know could.

Well I’m outta here it’s the weekend time to have some fun! Mardi Gra here we come! haha

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