Apr 26, 2011

Body Filler / Bondo Nightmare

Well a few weeks ago I started filling the weld seams on the body of the car. When you use body filler you take the regular filler and you add some hardener to it and mix it together. The details on how much is the right amount of hardener is very vague.

So for the first batch I mixed in the recommend amount of hardener within two minutes it had already hardened while I was applying it to car body. So for the second batch I decided to use about 50% less hardener thinking I had used way to much. HUGE MISTAKE haha!! I noticed that the filler was getting tacky but was no where near as rock hard as the first batch after about 20min. I continued to apply it to the entire body and later called it a night.

Well the next day I get off work and I head to the shop to sand and add new filler on the body. Much to my surprise none except the 1st batch of body filler had dried. All the filler had the consistency of chewing gum. So basically I just applies .8 gallons of bubble gum on the car hahaa.

Here are some pics. It took about 4-5 hours to clean and remove the filler gunk. I used lacquer thinner and a wire brush drill bit to help get most of it off.


None of the below body filler dried. Sad smile




After 5 hours: Its back looking FRESH AND CLEAN back to step 1


The whole process was 1 step forward 5 steps backwards but I guess that’s all part of learning. So far I have re-applied body filler to most of the body and it has dried 100% I just needed to mix the filler better and make sure I had enough hardener. It should only take 10min for body filler to harden up.

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