Jun 14, 2011

The Lost Month of May

Well you might be wondering what the hell happened to Andrew and the Rat Rod project. Well the truth is I sold it its gone I gave up.



Just kidding … haha … What really happened is I didn’t fully understand the magnitude of what Wes meant when he said “Body work takes forevveerrrr”. Well I’ll give him credit he was right because it took almost the entire month of May and I’m still not done. Granted I’m a paduan learner and have been given the nickname mud puppy since I managed to spread body filler all over the car that never dried.

Anyways live and learn below are some recent pics of the body and how its coming along (I’m not done yet Sad smile )

Passenger Side:


Rear Driver Side:


Another Side Shot:


As you can see its looking a ton better!

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