Aug 24, 2011

Moved The Project To My Garage

Well moved the project over to my garage it had been sitting in Wesley’s garage since January that’s like what 7 months. So far picked up a few tools I will need and borrowed a good air compressor from Wesley. Here are some pics of the car on the trailer when we were moving it over to my house.


Looks pretty wild when you see it on the trailer.


Getting ready to role on over to my crib …


So far my blog hasn’t been getting much traffic maybe like 3-10 hits a day hahaha.

O well I’ll keep updating it for my own sake. Smile with tongue out


  1. hello from sweden!! love love your rat rod project! check out my website
    sorry its only in swedish but you see what
    kind of cars i build. -mike from sweden

  2. Sup Mike!

    Dude love the cars your working on! Do you work on cars full time or just as a hobby?

    I have a couple questions your "js special" car where did you find those old school front rims at! I've been looking for something like those but was worried they wouldn't be able to support the weight of the front of my car.

    Hows your Leadwood coming along looks like you said your thinking it will be done this fall?

    I ran your site through so I was able to read most of it in English :P.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Andrew from Missouri, USA

  3. hello again! the jd special is built of old "junk"
    i found in the woods, or bought from the old junk yard.the rims are from ford -27? i think.. i found them in the woods, the rest of the car was also there but someone had run it over with a bulldozer or was flat as pancake.
    this is only a hobby for me, i do all my work self on my cars, even paint and interior.
    my garage is no megacomplex, its 4mwide and 7m long. the leadwood has stod still for some time because we got a little girl for 3 weeks ago!
    keep up the cool work on your rat rod, waiting
    too see more pictures! -mike from sweden

  4. Cool work.. Good to meet you. I will follow your post and look forward to watching the progress.


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  8. Hi Andrew, curious to hear how your project went?

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