Sep 8, 2011

5.3L LSX On Engine Stand

A while back I bought my engine off of Craigslist for around $650 bucks which was a steal. It came out of an 06 Chevy cargo van and has 80k miles on it. It came with full wiring harness including the ECU and tranny controller. I recently got it mounted on my buddies engine stand he built.  That way we can fire it up before it goes in my car.

Still waiting on a few missing parts Mass Air Flow Sensor and a Starter before I fire it up. I will be sure to post a video of it running on the engine stand when I get it running.

Getting it from the short engine stand to the running engine stand.


In transit to the new engine stand …


Sitting on the stand just need to get the wiring harness all plugged in.


Wired it all up talk about a puzzle and also installed some new spark plugs NGK G Power pre gapped iridium's.




Looking pretty wild. I also just painted my TH350 and in the middle of rebuilding my kingpins for the front axle I will talk about painting my TH350 and my kingpin rebuild process in my next post!