Sep 8, 2011

5.3L LSX On Engine Stand

A while back I bought my engine off of Craigslist for around $650 bucks which was a steal. It came out of an 06 Chevy cargo van and has 80k miles on it. It came with full wiring harness including the ECU and tranny controller. I recently got it mounted on my buddies engine stand he built.  That way we can fire it up before it goes in my car.

Still waiting on a few missing parts Mass Air Flow Sensor and a Starter before I fire it up. I will be sure to post a video of it running on the engine stand when I get it running.

Getting it from the short engine stand to the running engine stand.


In transit to the new engine stand …


Sitting on the stand just need to get the wiring harness all plugged in.


Wired it all up talk about a puzzle and also installed some new spark plugs NGK G Power pre gapped iridium's.




Looking pretty wild. I also just painted my TH350 and in the middle of rebuilding my kingpins for the front axle I will talk about painting my TH350 and my kingpin rebuild process in my next post!


  1. You should post a video of when you fire it up for the first time so we can here that puppy rumble! Great blog thanks for the efforts.

  2. Hey man thanks for the encouragement!!

    I'm in the middle of changing route's, in order to dump some of the emissions stuff and clean up the wiring harness I plan on going with a Megasquirt 3 with the extra expansion so I can do sequential injection. Will be a full standalone ECU unit. I don't really need all the features it offers but I plan on running an old school th350 on it and running the standalone will allow for that. Plus maybe some twin turbos in the future :P . I'll def be posting more frequently as my new parts come in!