Oct 11, 2011

Megasquirt 3 Full Standalone

Just received my Megasquirt 3 full standalone kit. This will allow me to trash the stock computer on the 06 LS 5.3 engine and run a fully customizable ecu. With this ECU I will be able to run digital gauges and the tuning possibilities are endless!

Checkout this video of a MegaTunix (digital gauges software) connecting to a Megasquirt Engine ECU to power the gauges.


Pretty amazing

Here is a picture of my unassembled Megasquirt 3 with the expansion card for sequential fuel injection!


Current status of the build:



  1. Looks like you have it sitting just right. Perfect rake baby! Great job, can't wait to see your rat come together.

  2. Thanks Rod, Yeah I'm going to cheat and use some new technology for the motor and gauges. So its not exactly a REAL rat haha.