Nov 25, 2011

Megasquirt 3 Assembly for LS1 / LM7 / LSX

So last month I assembled my Megasquirt 3 with the expansion board that will allow me to run sequential fuel injection.
Sequential fuel injecting basically means that I can control the 8 fuel injectors individually. I ordered my MS3 unit from I decided to go with the unassembled version which saved me about $200 bucks. Looking back it took me about 20-25 hours to assemble they claim it should only take ~12 hours but for a n00b like myself I would say give your self at least 20 hours. Just to make sure you are thorough. This is something you wanna get right the first time and not have to go back and resolder different parts of the board.

Below are links to the instructions I used when assembling my Megasquirt for an LSx.

Step by step assembly instructions for MS3:

Step by step instructions for more general v3.0 main board assembly (I used this as a supplement for the main guide)

Getting the work area ready to role.

Soldering in all the resistors / diodes / capacitors

Plugged in the JimStim to test different point on the board to make sure its reading +5 volts on different parts of the board (see the assembly instructions for exact points). The JimStim basically simulates a running engine plugged into the MS3. This allows you to simulate an engine running log real time data from the Megasquirt without having it wired up to real motor.

Installing the MS3X (MS 3 expansion board)

Now installed on the top level above the v3 main board you see the MS3 daughter card (contains the sd card slot) and the ribbon cable connecting the daughter card to the ms3x (expansion) board that can drive up to 8 separate fuel injectors.

Setup the case and got everything wrapped up check it out! Flashed it with the latest C code and got it to sync with my laptop over USB and run the digital gauges.

Stay tuned the next post I will go into all the customizations that must be made to the MS3 to get it to fire and run a LSx (LS1, LM7)  type motors.